FAQ Page for Potential Models

How do I get started?

Please read carefully. Any emails sent to TMT Models and Talent's inbox NOT using the application will not get a response and WILL BE DELETED. We will ONLY accept potential models who use the application below- no exceptions.

Please click on the "to apply click here"

It is not necessary nor required that you get professional photographs taken to apply to TMT. Cell phone, Family or school photographs are fine as long as they are CLEAR and CURRENT.

DO send a clear smiling photo that shows your teeth. If it is too dark we can not make an evaluation. Do send a full body shot as well. Do not send photos of yourself in sunglasses. Please do not send silly snap chat photos with additional graphics. Please no pouty faces- we need to evaluate you and need to see your teeth and your smile. You may send up to 3 photos. After you have completed the on line application you will immediately see an immediate notification that says you have successfully applied. If you do not see this you have not applied properly OR your photos are too large and you need to reduce them


If you prefer to mail your photos via US Postal service IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT ON THE BACK OF EVERY PHOTOGRAPH YOU SUBMIT THAT YOU HAVE YOUR NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBERS AND EMAIL ADDRESS ON THEM. YOU SHOULD ALSO INCLUDE YOUR AGE, HT, WT, HAIR COLOR, AND EYE COLOR. Mail to TMT Models and Talent 4736 Onondaga Blvd #426 Syracuse NY 13219. Please include a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) if you want your photos returned ****PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE BEFORE APPLYING*****


Will I get my pictures back if I mail them?

Yes, your photos will be returned to you if you ask us to and AS LONG AS YOU INCLUDE A SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE. Otherwise photos will only be kept for 3 months.

How will I be notified if I am accepted?

At TMT Models and Talent we pride ourselves in notifying everyone. If you are accepted into the agency we will email you an invitation packet so please make sure that no matter how you apply we have a current email address. Then we'll set up a new model orientation with you. PLEASE allow 2-4 weeks to receive a response(depending on whether you contacted us by US mail or email. As you can imagine, we receive a LOT of photos daily.)If you do not receive a response from us then please drop us a line but make sure that you have followed ALL of the above instructions carefully and you have given us 4-6 weeks to receive and review your photos. If your photos were too large they may have been removed by our filters.

Are you a modeling school?

TMT is not a modeling school. We are a talent management company, which means, our job is to secure work for the model or actor. That is our PRIMARY function.

Can I join other agencies?

TMT Models and Talent is a non-exclusive agency, which means, you may seek representation through other agencies outside of the Syracuse, NY Area. If you are represented by TMT you will be considered as an independent contractor, which means you may decline any jobs we offer you. This also means that you may not Claim Unemployment benefits or NYSDBL benefits. In addition, you MUST also carry your own health care and car insurance.

How much work can I expect from the Agency?

We are not casting directors therefore; all casting decisions are made by our clients and depend upon the advertising/marketing needs of the product project. As such, we do not guarantee every model or actor work.

Which demographic receive the most work?

Models and Actors who receive the most work in our area are men and women between the ages of 21 and 75. The toughest category to secure work for is teenagers between the ages of 13 to 17. There is not a great demand for teens in our market but we do try to advise them on how best to present themselves as models to help gain assignments. We represent talent age 5-95.

What is the TMT market?

TMT Models and Talent covers four major cities (and their surrounding suburbs): Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo and Albany. In each of these markets there are no full time actors/models that are employed by talent agencies. Every actor/model in these markets have either a full or part-time job. Our market demand for talent is not as great as say, markets in larger cities i.e. New York City, Miami, Chicago, or L.A. The more flexible your work schedule the greater your chance in securing work.

I live in a city or state outside of the Syracuse, NY can I still join your agency?

Unfortunately, we only represent local talent in the Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo and Albany, NY areas

Do you accept babies in your agency?

Unfortunately, there is not a great demand for baby models in our market. Again, the larger cities such as, NYC, Chicago, L.A., etc., have greater demand for baby models. Please do not submit photos of your children if they are under age 5 as we are not accepting children under that age at this time.

What sort of jobs do you secure for your talent?

We secure film, commercial print, television commercials, runway, industrials and promotional assignments.

How much does it cost to join the agency?

Each Model must pay a very small web site/admin fee (145.00 for the first year to set up your page, and to receive all of our casting notices and 50.00 per year for each additional year you decide to stay with TMT Models and Talent). This covers uploading and retouching your photos and creating your web page, as well as including you in the weekly audition notices. You must pay for your own professional photographs- we do not photograph you or make money on your photographs. (We can give you a list or you can secure your own photographer) Once you receive the invitation packet all of this information is explained in much greater detail.

Do I need professional photos to model?

Yes, after you are accepted at TMT Models and Talent (if you are accepted) you will be required to get professional photos. This is one of the tools of the trade as a model (just as other occupations have tools of their trade). We will give you a list of good photographers but you may go to any QUALIFIED photographer you wish as long as they meet our standards. We do not take a commission on photographs. We do not put amateur or candid photos on the site. Everyone must invest in some kind of professional photos. IF YOU ARE NOT PREPARED TO INVEST IN PHOTOS PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT TO US (OR PROBABLY ANY AGENCY) YOU CAN NOT BE A MODEL WITH OUT PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS. NOT HERE, NOT ANYWHERE. Good professional photos will cost you between 200-375.00.

How does TMT make money?

We take 20% as your manager from every job you book through us.